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Our History


Universal Corporation Ltd. (UCL) got its name from the erstwhile entity Universal Pharmacy (K) ltd. (UPKL) which came into being in 1996 with a small manufacturing unit in Industrial Area, Nairobi – Kenya. UPKL started manufacturing tablets initially and added a syrup and suspension line. The sales have not been a problem as the graph has always maintained an upward trend. This was possible because, even with the small unit, the focus was always on Quality. However due to lesser capacity & demand, the concentration was only in Kenya until 2003 when exports were made to Somalia.

But the endeavor of the 3 founder Directors was actually to set up a bigger, state of the art Pharmaceutical manufacturing unit in Kenya. This dream came into reality in 2004 with the start of a syrup line at the new plant and since then there was no looking back. The plant has been inspected by various DRAs from different countries in east and central Africa, Ethiopia and was equivocally applauded by various NGOs and Health Groups.

Today UCL manufactures over 100 formulations including tablets, capsules, syrups & suspensions, ointments & creams.From 2005 onwards after the commissioning of the full facility, backed by continuously upgraded technical excellence and focus on quality assurance, UCL has spread its presence in most of the countries in this Region. Currently we do business with Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, DRC, Sierra –Leone, Somalia, Angola, Tanzania & Uganda.

The latest feather on the cap is the site approval from the most stringent W.H.O, Geneva. Since 2005 we are growing at a very high rate of almost 25 % every year despite the fact that our first full year business activity as UCL was in 2006.

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