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ketoconazole 200mg Tablets.

Pharmacological class:
Azole Antifungal

Treatment of chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, cutaneous candidiasis and oropharyngeal candidiasis in resistant or intolerant to other antifungal agents.

Dosage: Adults & Children >30kg 1 – 2 tabs OD depending on response.
Children: 15 – 30kg: ½ tab (100mg) OD
NB// Taken with food for maximum absorption.

Use in Pregnancy & Lactation: Unless use outweighs the risk to fetus.

Side Effects:
Urticaria, Nausea & vomiting, pruritus, headache, Somnolence, gynaecomastia,
impotence, phophobia.

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27 October, 2014